Framing & Timber Details

When you order a framed print you can be assured you are receiving a beautiful landscape image presented in a quality Australian Made timber frame. Every framed print is hand framed by our local framing partner with care and attention to detail.

Our Frame Manufacturer

Our Gold Coast based frame manufacture is a family owned business that prides itself on producing the best locally made frames in Australia.

  • Premium Quality
  • Australian Made
  • Quality Guaranteed
Timber Moulding Options

We have access to 100’s of timber frame mouldings, we have chosen a few which best suit our images. We have done our best to illustrate these timber frame colours texture & details, but individual computer screens may vary. Click on the images below to see these frames in greater detail. We will contact you to discuss options once we receive your order.

Dune Mouldings

Dune Mouldings

Recyled Timber Mouldings

Recycled Timber Mouldings

Dune Mouldings
  • A: Dune in “Sand”
  • B: Dune in “Gold”
  • C: Dune in “White”
  • D: Dune in “Black”
  • E: Dune in “Grey”
  • F: Dune in “Brown”
Recycled Timber Mouldings
  • A: Recycled in “Brown”
  • B: Recycled in “Grey”
  • C: Recycled in “Copper”
  • D: Recycled in “White”
  • E: Recycled in “Bronze”
Matboard Colour Options

Three matboard colour options are available to suit our range of frames. Use the frame selector in the gallery to see example frame and matboard combinations. Matboard colour options are as follows;

  • Black.
  • Off white.
  • Creme.

Custom matting is also available. If you would like a custom matboard colour please contact us before placing your order.

Finished Frame Dimensions & Cost
Print Size Print Only Canvas Framed
18×12 Inch $59.00 $99.00 $149.00
24×16 Inch $79.00 $199.00 $299.00
30×20 Inch $99.00 $249.00 $399.00
18×12 Inch (Panoramic) $59.00 $99.00 $149.00
24×8 Inch (Panoramic) $79.00 $199.00 $249.00
30×10 Inch (Panoramic) $99.00 $249.00 $399.00
42×14 Inch (Panoramic) $149.00 $349.00 $599.00
Framing Samples – How will my ‘Framed Print’ look?

Below are a few framing samples;

  • These samples are very close to the finished product, a signature box is shown.
    • Note: The signature box is not shown on the interactive framing. The sample below shows how your print print will look once delivered.
      • The dimensions are to scale;
        • The Flat Black frame is approx. 42mm;
        • The matting is approx. 7/8cm;
        • A ‘bleed edge‘ of approx. 1cm surrounds the printed image;
          • A digital signature is printed (in the bottom right corner) on all prints (unless requested otherwise), on this bleed edge.
Framing Sample

Brisbane Sunrise – Framing Sample (Flat Black with White Matting)

Framing Sample - Signature Box

Framing Sample – A close up of the ‘Signature Box’

Finished Framed Prints

Below are a few recently framed works. For more images please visit the ‘Finished Framed Prints‘ page.

Framed Sample - Dove Lake

Framed Sample – Dove Lake

Framed Sample - SS Dicky

Framed Sample – SS Dicky

Frame Sample - Never Never Creek

Frame Sample – Never Never Creek

Framed Sample - Moreton Bay

Framed Sample – Moreton Bay