DMF – Framed Print Donation

For the past three years I’ve donated a framed print to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. The framed print is then auctioned at the annual Dance for Daniel event. The money raised allows the Daniel Morcombe Foundation to send Denise and Bruce to 100’s of schools across the country -spreading their safety message and sharing their story along the way.

In previous years I’ve driven north to deliver the print in person, stopping by only for a quick chat before heading off to allow Denise and Bruce to continue doing the good work they do. Today was a little different, I was unable to travel to the DMF office this year so Denise invited me to attend one of their presentations at a local state school close to home.

I was a little hesitant at first as, as my donation is just that, a donation that allows the DMF to raise funds. Simply knowing that someone will end up owning one of my prints, and that the money raised in the process is used to keep Australian children safe is reward enough for me.

The safety message delivered by Denise and Bruce was simple, and aims to teach children about personal safety and awareness, including cybersafety and phone safety, by focusing on three key safety messages: Recognise, React and Report.

You may be wondering why I’m wearing a BCF uniform? I work for Super Retail Group (the parent company to BCF and Ray’s Outdoors) as a Demand Planner -during my day job! and I held a collection this year to cover the costs of the framed print. So I thought it was appropriate to attend in uniform alongside the local MP (Capalaba) Steve Davies, Councillor Murray Elliott, Constable Melanie Fuglevik and Sergeant Andrew Gillies.

Kane with Denise and Bruce Morcombe

Kane with Denise and Bruce Morcombe

As always, it was a pleasure talking to Denise and Bruce while sharing a coffee with them, they truly are amazing people who have suffered the loss of a child -something no parent should have to experience, it has been over 10 years and the pain can still be seen in Denise’s eyes.

Denise shed a tear as I unwrapped the print and I had to distract myself to stay composed.

“Photography is about the human connection. The connection I have with nature when capturing the image, and the connection the print has with the viewer.”

What more could a photographer want. To learn more about the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and the good work they do please visit the website.


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