SS Dicky (Orb)

The SS Dicky

The SS ‘Dicky’ was a coastal trader that operated in and around Australia from at least 1887 until its loss in 1893. The details of its early operation are unknown but by 1886 it was registered in Hong Kong, and was reportedly involved in a minor incident off the north-west coast of Western Australia in July 1887.

The vessel was registered in Sydney on 7 June 1888 under the ownership of John MacKenzie Brydon and William Jones and primarily serviced the smaller ports of southern Queensland. Its operational life in Australia was generally uneventful although a crewmember, James McGaw, was charged with murdering Mary “Topsy” Tinsell who fell off the deck of the ‘Dicky’ in October 1890; the charges were later dismissed due to a lack of evidence.

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