New (Old) Image Releases

Recently I’ve been processing older ‘non published’ images, some of these images date back over four years. Back during a time when I was out shooting almost every weekend with my crew of friends; Mel Sinclair, Matthew Stewart and Josh Robertson, after reading and leaving your comment on this post please visit their website/blogs.

The Images & Their Stories

Today I processed three images. Two images from a shoot over the ANZAC long weekend in 2010 and one image from a trip to the SS Dicky shipwreck in early 2010. The images and their stories follow;

Fog Reflection
  • Capture date: 24/04/2010.
  • Processed date: 25/04/2014.
  • Time in vault: 3 years, and 264 days.

The location of this lake is lost in my mind. I’d love to remember where it is so I can return here one day and capture some more foggy reflections. We woke early and rose from our accommodation (some cheap hotel in Armidale), and we were greeted by thick fog -just what the doctor ordered! We met with some locals and they took us to this location and it was just amazing. I beautiful calm morning allowed me to capture a special image -I’m amazed I’ve been able to keep image under wraps for four years!

” I wonder if this place still looks like this today – I’ve captured so many images of locations that are not longer as they once were. “


Gostwyck Chapel
  • Capture date: 24/04/2010.
  • Processed date: 25/04/2014.
  • Time in vault: 3 years, and 264 days.

The famous Gostwyck Chapel in Uralla, New South Wales. We arrived here after shooting the lake (image above), and to be honest we arrived way too late, if there was fog in Armidale, there would have almost certainly been fog in Uralla 15 minutes down the road. This amazing place was a dream to shot -and I’m heading back soon! We were like children in a candy store as we photographed this Australian icon from mid morning well into the early afternoon. I shot panoramic views, some close up detail shots, and even some IR images. Because we had arrived late, the mid-day light made it a challenge, but well all managed to come away with some half decent images.

” Major Clive Collingwood Dangar sadly never returned from the Great War, the chapel was built in his memory. What a legacy, Gostwyck Chapel is visited by 100’s of photographers every Easter and ANZAC long weekend, as the vine glows a vibrant red. “


SS Dicky – Swell
  • Capture date: 02/04/2010.
  • Processed date: 25/04/2014.
  • Time in vault: 4 years, and 23 days.

The SS Dicky shipwreck has long been a favorite location of mine. I visited often during 2009 and 2010. “SS Dicky Swell” is an image that has been sitting in my vault for well over four years. The sun took its time to rise on this particular Autumn morning due to heavy cloud, but I managed to run towards the wreck from my position further down the beach, and arrive just in time to capture the first rays of light striking the wreck. The tide was turning and the swell was rushing up quick.


SS Dicky Tribute Page

Footnote: I have a tribute page dedicated to the SS Dicky. SS Dicky Tribute Page


3 thoughts on “New (Old) Image Releases

  1. Steven Fudge

    Nice work Kane, the Chapel is becoming the new dicky 😉 , heaps of people shooting it this year, i shot it last year , not a sole in sight for 2 days, and it was 90% red.. Just didn’t get the fog, you might have more luck this year as it seems to be a bit later turning. when u headn down ?

  2. Liz

    Love these Kane!! I’ve been wanting to shoot Gostwyck Chapel for a couple of years. Hope to get out there next year and stay in Armidale area for a week or so. I haven’t been there since I was a teenager!

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