The Making Of: “Currumbin Rock”

Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock

The plan:

Myself and Martin Canning left Brisbane early on the 1st Jan 2014, we were heading for the Gold Coast to capture the first dawn of 2014. I had naturally packed a few rolls of film, my two camera bags and my main tripod. Since shooting film again I have rediscovered a love for ‘simple landscape photography’ nothing too technical. I’ve often thought about shooting the waves breaking over Currumbin rock, but I could never get the image to feel right until I looked through my 90mm Fotoman viewfinder!

Gear used to capture the image:
  • Fotoman 617 Film Camera.
  • Schneider 90mm f/5.6 Lens.
  • Schneider Center Spot Filter.
    • Velvia 50 120 Film.
    • f22 @ 1/2 second.
Behind the image:

Fuji Scan - Elephant RockHere I am right at the time I opened the shutter and captured the image above. I love shooting with friends as it allows us to photograph what goes on behind the action. I was waiting for the waves to break over the rocks, and I had to make sure both my camera bags were safe. The best thing about shooting film is not knowing if I got the shot I wanted until weeks or months later.

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Kane @ Currumbin

Kane @ Currumbin
Photographer: Martin Canning



Kane Gledhill @ Elephant Rock

Kane Gledhill @ Elephant Rock
Photographer: Shane Beaton

6 thoughts on “The Making Of: “Currumbin Rock”

  1. LizSB

    Hi Kane,
    Love your images as always and love reading about your adventures. I appreciate your willingness to share your settings too.
    One correction I’d like to make though (if I may) is that your image is actually of Currumbin Rock. Elephant Rock is actually the rock where the Currumbin SLSC is with the lookout on top.

  2. Shane Beaton

    Nice blog post Kane, was a great morning and the perfect way to kick off 2014. I think I also got a shot of you out on the rocks that morning will have a look and let you know.

  3. Jason Rees

    Hey Kane,
    This is really cool idea. Not only is the photo great, but for me the best part is knowing how you took the photo, including the camera settings.. I often wonder when looking at a photo, how it came about… Love it!!
    Cheers Jason

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