The Elusive Shot

SS Dicky Moon

SS Dicky @ Moon Rise – Composite Image

Above is a composite of an image I have been planning to shoot for about 5 years. Planning is the easy part, being on site at the right time during the right conditions is the challenge. I almost achieved this elusive shot last Tuesday night during the full Lunar eclipse moonrise. I had planned to be shooting on the Monday night (1 day before the full moon because this gives me better golden light) but the weather was poor due to the tropical low off the coast of Queensland -formally Cyclone Ita.

Bring on the next moon rise…… the SS Dicky is quickly disappearing so I won’t have too many chances left!

The SS Dicky Tribute Page

I’ve been working on a SS Dicky tribute page for a few months now. If you would like you have your images featured in the Look Back Gallery please send me your images at 800px wide.

Visit the SS Dicky Tribute Page

 A few of my Best Images

I’ve been lucky to have photographed the SS Dicky a few times over the years. Below are a few of my best images.

SS Dicky

SS Dicky @ Sunset

So, Images from Tuesday Night?

Give me time. I only shot film on Tuesday night. Two rolls. I shot a few different images as the sun was fading and the moon was making its way through the thick cloud. I’ll release a few images once the film is processed, in a few months time! That is the best thing about shooting film. I hope I got something good, but I wont know for a while -and if I stuffed it, you’ll never know!

Happy Shooting.

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