Before & After Film Scans

A few before and after film scans.

How much processing goes into your scans?

I’m often asked about how much (if any) processing goes into my film scans. The answer is generally not much -sometimes people believe you, & other times they don’t, the truth is very little processing can be done to a 16bit Tif scan of a colour transparency.

Adding Punch

The RAW digital scan never looks as good as the film on the light box so a few adjustments are made, for me this includes;

  • Colour Balance (applying a film base colour);
  • Brightness;
  • Minor adjustments to Saturation and Contrast.
Below are some before & after examples.

All images below were captured using my Fotoman 617 Film Camera with Fuji Velvia 50 Slide Film. Use your mouse to slide between the before & after images.
Feedback is always welcome.

One Tree Hill - Before & After

See “One Tree Hill” full size.

Manly Marina - Before & After

See Manley “Marina full” full size.

Coffs Harbour Jetty - Before & After

See “Coffs Harbour Jetty” full size.

Never Never Creek - Tranquil - Before & After

See “Never Never Creek – Tranquil” full size.

Coffs Harbour Dawn - Before & After

See “Coffs Harbour Dawn” full size.

Never Never Creek - Before & After

See “Never Never Creek” full size.

What do you think?

After seeing these before & after sliders (some with more &some with less post processing), what do you think? Please leave your comments and feedback below.



2 thoughts on “Before & After Film Scans

  1. Martin Canning

    Hey Kane,

    Nice work. These sliders are great. I think it shows that you lose a bit of contrast, saturation and exposure during the scanning process – probably half to one stop – but it’s possible to put back in. The advantage of film is that when you get it back it just looks exactly like the conditions and you can tweak the digital file to represent exactly whats on your lightbox!

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